Types of Japanese Tattoo Sleeves Designs

John Mayer embedding the Japanese tattoos design along his sleeve. Japan is recognized for its exclusive customs, similarly, Japanese tattoos stand as being special and having a unique mark. Tattoos in Japan are called Irezumi (having ink) and Horimono (which are carved). Japanese sleeve tattoos are not only popular among the locals but it has also expanded its acknowledgement and fame in western nations such as US and Europe. Conventionally, only men used to admire and aspire for the Japanese shoulder and chest tattoos, but as of now, they have become more common and popular among both sexes, both young and old. In fact, nowadays the most well-liked sources for tattoo designs of both sleeves and shoulders are Japanese tattoos. The most striking characteristic of conventional Japanese tattoos is its exquisiteness, archetypal design, color blend and above all, the rich and affluent imagery. This article will help you know more of your favorite Japanese tattoo sleeves designs.

Tattoos are categorized into three basic categories according to their positions on the body. They are mainly, full sleeved, half sleeved and quarter sleeved designs. Some popular and most liked designs of the Japanese tattoo sleeves designs are mentioned below:

Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo

The most distinguishing and richly symbolic designs of the Japanese tattoo sleeves designs are incorporated into the Koi fish tattoo. They are mostly placed on the upper back of the body and both arms. Young adults and teenagers love this design in half sleeved tattoos because it represents class, might and authority. Some Japanese myths also consider it as a sign of good luck. Also, as it iBeautiful girl with Japanese cherry blossom tattoos on her sleeve.s considered to reflect tranquility and harmony, several religious shrines keep a pond of Koi fish at their entrance.

Cherry Blossom Sleeve Tattoo

Signifying Japanese psychology is another Japanese tattoo sleeve design called the Cherry blossom. Cherry blossom flowers bloom just once a year and therefore the Japanese calendar begins with the period of the blooming season of cherry blossom. Cherry blossom images were also used in ancient Japanese Samurai art & poetry as it was believed to fascinate them greatly. The Samurai believed that life was supposed to be short and every man must take pleasure in life fully by honoring it just like cherry blossom flowers. Consequently, the cherry blossom flower tattoo turns out to be a real and extensive part of a tattoo design.

The grey Japanese dragon sleeve tattoo design for masculine men.

Japanese Dragon Sleeve Tattoos

Another one of the popular Japanese tattoo sleeves designs is the Japanese dragon tattoos. Traditional Japanese art and folklores has seen dragons as an integral part of itself. This numinous beast holds great figurative connotations of fortune and fate, power and potency, and bonding and binds.

Japanese Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

The bold and the beautiful can be seen in the Japanese tribal sleeve tattoos. They appear grand on sleeves when painted bold and in the midst of dark outlines. There are various types of tribal tattoos such as Hawaiian, Maori, African and Polynesian all of which signify audacity and command.

A man's sleeve embedded with Japanese tribal tattoo design.

Although there is a vast collection of Japanese tattoo sleeves designs in the Japanese culture, a few of them have been mentioned above. They are the ones which are the most popular and have the greatest and deepest symbolical significance. A good practice for an arm sleeve tattoo design would be to merge several designs or better draw one of your own and then evolve a story out of it which gives your Japanese tattoo sleeves design a rich symbolic meaning.

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