Real Meaning of Koi Tattoos

A 3D red koi fish tattoo with lotus design embedded on man's shoulder blade. The real meaning of koi tattoos derives from the koi fish tattoos. Koi fishes symbolize the courage, determination and power to achieve the desired goals. In addition to this, it is a symbol that the person has overcome the bad patch of his life or is getting into it. This is a very interesting myth reflecting that when the fish on the tattoo is shown swimming upstream, is means that the person having the tattoo is under the scanner these days. On the contrary, if the fish is slanting downwards, it follows that the person is now out of the bad patches in his life.

In addition to the meaning of the koi tattoos, opposite sex love and a heavy feeling for someone is very renowned. This love may either be romantic or passionate; but in Buddhism the word koi depicts bravery and the fear of none. Not even of death!

The charm and the vigor of the koi fishes have made it a very famous symbol for any family in Japan. On the annual children’ day, huge tubular flags of various colors of fishes are fabricated. The black color koi goes for the father; a flame red for the mother; a white and blue koi for the boy and red color for the girl.

Red Koi Tattoo Meaning

Globally speaking, the red color always symbolizes the most beautiful feeling of this world, love. The meaning of koi tattoos which is Red is of a fish that is representing love. Moreover, this red color also gives the meaning of utmost bravery and manly deeds. Furthermore, this red color symbolizes exuberance and brings energy in an individual.

The meaning of koi tattoos of Red color is presumed to be the most toughest and stable like the koi fish swimming to the Dragon Gate in heavy opposing currents of the river.

Man's right blade was tattooed with an attractive dragon koi design.

Dragon Koi Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of koi tattoo of the dragon version symbolizes to overcoming the obstacles which are in the person’s life. This translates to the fact as the koi fish swims up to the Yellow River, also termed as the Dragon Gate, it transforms into a Dragon. Therefore, the meaning of dragon tattoo is to have a strong will power like the koi fish, who wants to swim up, fight its own battle and grow into stature on its own feet.

Moreover, dragons represent the fierce and ferocious nature which should be adopted by humans. The meaning of koi tattoo of dragon gives the tattooed people an impetus to have a flare like the dragon. It can also be viewed as a renaissance of a new age, a dawn of the new era from the land of the rising Sun.

A black koi with Japanese cherry blossom tattoos design for men and women.

Black Koi Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of koi tattoo of black color hints to be a sign of victory after a dominant change. It can also be viewed as the fight against the atrocities of the harsh world and the feeling after winning it.

Blue Koi Tattoo Meaning

This blue Koi tattoo is associated with a male dominant nature. This meaning of koi tattoo is also termed as reproduction.

Man's right chest was covered in blue koi fish tattoo design.

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