Japanese Tattoos and Their Meanings

The realistic Japanese sakura tattoo is embedded on woman's back.Japanese tattooing is being followed from a very long time. The Japanese tattoo designs and meanings have an enriched history. The first impression of the Japanese tattoos designs and meaning trace back to tombs, which are over 5000 years old. To add to this ancient history, various sorts of texts, which fly back into the 3rd century A.D, are also meant of great interest to tattoo lovers. At that time, Japanese men used to decorate their body with tattoos. But after a certain span of time, China became a very powerful influence for the Japanese and the rest of the world. So, tattooing was prohibited in Japan as it was considered as a slogan for criminals.

Tattoos of Japan with their meaning(s):

The best part of Japanese tattoo designs and meanings is the allure variety is presents. A wide range of tattoo options are available for inking tattoos on the various parts of the body. From tiny little single tattoos to the overwhelming patterns, each design has a distinct name and a unique mark in itself. Some of the well renowned Japanese tattoo designs and meanings are described as follows:

Cherry Blossoms:

This Japanese tattoo design and meaning signifies the power of life. The Japanese are of the view that lives must be enjoyed to the utmost, even in harsh situations. In addition to this, the preparation and consciousness about death should not Sport man embedding a Japanese koi fish tattoo design on his lower part of leg. shrink the passion for life. However, life is availed only once and it should be thoroughly feasted. This Japanese tattoo design and meaning signifies the fact of beauty of life as it supposed to live for others.

This Japanese tattoo design is most popular in women. Cherry blossom is vastly described as a symbol of life. Another word for this Japanese tattoo is termed as “Sakura”. The actual beauty of the cherry blossoms signifies in its strength of survival in harsh conditions. Moreover, they are accustomed to the fragile nature because they only live for a short span of time. Another aspect to be careful about is the maintenance of the Cherry blossom tattoos.

Koi Fish Tattoos:

These Japanese tattoo designs and meaning are second to the Cherry Blossom tattoos. Generally speaking, these (koi fish) tattoos are very bright in color. Moreover, this bright colored fish are even found to be in the front of temples in Japan. The myth behind this tattoo and this variety of Japanese tattoo designs and meaning for this tattoo is that the fish swims its way up towards a bridge, where it is transformed into a dragon. This dragon reflects the power, determination, ambitions and flare of Japanese. Henceforth, if anyone is willing for an energetic tattoo, this koi fish tattoo is the right pick for them.

Man was tattooed an amazing dragons tattoo design at his full back and upper arm.


Dragons have a significant part to play in Japan. Dragons and their values are the most followed and respected in Japan. This dragon tattoo places a very vital role in the Japanese tattoo designs and meaning of it. This dragon branches out many meanings. For some it gives a feel of the courage and strength. In addition to this, for some people they even symbolize super natural powers and myths. While selecting for the dragon tattoo, make sure that you get the color of your choice, since each color has its own meaning.

A purple Japanese hannya mask tattoo with vherry blossom design pierced on arm.

Hanya Masks:

These masks are of significant importance in Japanese tattoo designs and meanings. They are the most prominent and traditional of the Japanese tattoos. These masks, commonly known as demonic masks arose from the popular kabuki plays. These Japanese tattoo designs and meanings are said to guard against evil beings and in return brings a better luck for the person, who has tattooed it.

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