Japanese Tattoo Designs on Sleeve

An awesome design for Japanese koi, flowers and hannya mask tattoos embedded on sleeve. If you are looking for some Japanese tattoo designs on sleeve, you should first consider whether you’d like a half sleeve or a full sleeve design. There are many designs that can be put into full sleeves, half and even quarter sleeve. Japanese tattoo designs on sleeve are mostly with an intricate and complex design with bright and vivid colors. As these tattoos cover a large area of the body, they will usually take many sessions to get completed and are a bit expensive.

The full sleeve tattoo design will cover the entire arm while half sleeve will cover the upper arm and will usually end at the elbow. The full sleeve is generally is an extension of the half sleeve design.

The Japanese tattoo designs on sleeve come in various themes, but the most popular ones are the ones that are also traditional to the Japanese culture. They have a deep symbolism and have a deeper link with the old traditions and culture of Japan. Most of the people who are eager to get one of the Japanese tattoo designs on sleeve are keen on knowing the symbolism and the representation of the design. These are a few popular Japanese tattoo designs on sleeve:

The Koi Fish Tattoo Design

The Koi fish has a strong and deep connection with the Japanese culture. It is a symbol of bravery as it swims against Man shows his Japanese sleeve tattoos design at his parlor. the stream to get to the top. A myth commonly associated with the koi is that it swims against the stream and reaches the gate of heaven. There it becomes a flying dragon and flies away. Thus the koi is a symbol of strength, power, courage and trying to find one’s own way in life. This design is also loved by people who like to have a vibrant tattoo with beautiful and vivid bright colors. The design can be incorporated with the fish swimming in bright blue water with dazzling hues like orange and golden.

The Dragon Tattoo

Another popular design for sleeve is the Japanese dragon. The dragon has a prominent place in the Japanese culture. The Japanese dragon symbolizes strength and power. The dragon in the Japanese culture, unlike the western culture, is a revered creature far from the wicked creature portrayed in the western culture.

The dragon’s body is the perfect shape to be tattooed on the sleeve. The long, tapering and twisting body of the dragon can be inked on the sleeve with the head coming on the shoulder.

Man with Japanese dragon tattoo design along his sleeve.

Gods and Spirits of Japan

The religion of Japan has various gods and spirits in it. Majority of the gods and spirits are the friendly and non-violent ones. But some spirits are the bad and evil ones that can cause harm to humans.

The Japanese temples usually have two statues of evil spirits at the gates. These evil spirits are thought of as guards of the temples. The evil as well as the good natured spirits and gods are both used as a tattoo designs to be used as the sleeve designs.

The Japanese tattoo designs on sleeve can be incorporated together for a versatile and unique design.

Man piercing an awesome Japanese tattoo along his right sleeve.

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