History of Koi Tattoo Symbolism

A fantastic black koi fish tattoo design emvedded on man's left blade.It might be a surprise to many people from the Western World that there is great history of koi tattoo symbolism in the Eastern World. These fishes are hugely reputable and solely recognized as the most beautiful fishes in Japan. The history of Koi Tattoo Symbolism traces back to the myths and mysteries of that time. Moreover, these fishes look beautiful in every color, shade and depict its own grace in every color.

These colorful and bright fishes, when splashed in water gain a momentum which gives them energy and the utmost of strength. Likewise, the history of Koi Tattoo Symbolism also depicts that a koi fish tattoo is filled with thorough zeal and zest. This tattoo induces a feeling of strength, bravery and confidence which is necessary to keep up with this world. So, before getting tattooed a colored koi fish, one must be sure of its origination and the history of Koi Tattoo Symbolism.

Time tells us:

The history of Koi Tattoo Symbolism has been traced back to the early days of Japan. At that time, each and every temple was featured with a well maneuvered small pond which contained beautiful koi fishes. In most parts of China and as weel as Japan, koi fish is also termed as the “Carp Fish”.

Man with koi tattoo design on his upper arm bathing in the bathroom.

The original story was drawn by a Buddhist teacher in China. According to him, it was a strong belief that the fish (koi) would swim all the way upstream, dazzling its way through the currents and up on the waterfall. Unsurprisingly, the myth here, describes this as a pure legacy of the fish. It would swim to the Yellow River; onto the waterfall, also termed as the “Dragon Gate”. This koi fish, when enters into the Dragon Gate transforms itself to a Dragon. Dragons also contributed generously to the history of Koi Tattoo Symbolism.

Hence, in China koi fishes were a symbol of great strength and character. It gave them the hope to rise. The same myth was adopted by the Japanese people. In Japan, this koi fish has been included as a part and parcel of every family. People follow this myth, to the extent that on tha annual Boy’s Day, people fly huge flags of koi, resembling the boys’ strength and toughness to the colorful fish.


In Japan, the history of Koi Tattoo Symbolism is ever increasingly growing. To date, this koi fish means everything to the Japanese. Obviously, these expressions cannot be put or transformed into words. The meaning for this symbol has laid such an impact, that it is hard for us to summarize it in a paragraph.

A beautiful koi fish with lotus flowers tattoos pierced at lower back.

The history of Koi Tattoo Symbolism stands for an allure things. For instance, as mentioned above that in Japan, the koi fish is believed to be a symbol of character and encourage the feeling of being together as a unit. Henceforth, the fish can be assumed as a sign of family unity and strength.

There is will, there is always a way!

Secondly, it induces a gut feeling to overcome the hurdles in daily lives as the koi fish does. It climbs all above to the Dragon gate and gains impetus to fight the world. This gesture also symbolizes the fact that by holding hands on hands, nothing can be achieved. There is consistent work and struggle necessary to achieve something. Hence, the history of Koi Tattoo Symbolism fortifies the myth as a sign of courage and bravery.

Due to this gesture, Japan has been globally symbolized as the most mentally tough nations of the world. The secret behind this is legacy of koi tattoo symbolism, gives them an impetus to fight the world, heads on.

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